Dream Green Productions introduces a new Eco-friendly program of:

Natural Botanical Formula Insect & Rodent Repellent

Garbage Bags, Can Liners and Table Covers

Current crisis situations worldwide are key opportunities to launch our useful, helpful, preventative product line: the Zika mosquito virus crisis, the destruction of over 44% of our pollinating bee hives, spore-related health concerns especially in children creating reactive airway disease. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1566224/


All our products offer natural insect repellent properties using essential oils proven to repel flying and crawling insects.    

Time-released nanotechnology / micro-pellets are impregnated into the polyethylene material at the time of extrusion. The botanical formula, released during use, is completely non-toxic. It is harmless to pets, children and the environment including beneficial pollinating insects. 


  • Repels dangerous virus carrying mosquitoes, ticks & other insects

  • Repels small rodents attracted to garbage

  • Safe for food-handling area, children and animals

  • 100% DEET FREE, chemical and artificial fragrance FREE

  • Prevents dangerous mold, mildew and airborne spores 

  • Allergen free, odor reducing formula

  • Natural antimicrobial, antibacterial properties

  • Time-release formula guarantees extended effect

  • Zonal effect expands repellent protection outward

  • Protects pollinating insects especially bees

  • 100% biodegradable materials

  • Sturdy 3-ply construction bags

  • 70% recycled content

  • EPA exempt ingredients

  • Inventory remains active indefinitely 

Natural, Evnironmentally Safe Formula:

Time-release botanical oils repell insects including virus-carrying mosquitoes 

Innovative Products to Repel Insects & Small Rodents 

Initial Launch:

  • Disposable, time-release table covers (tablecloths) in assorted sizes

  • Commercial size trash bags and can liners

  • Special programs for food handling services


Future Product Launch:

  • Retail garbage bag and trash liner sizes for home use

  • Industrial plastic sheaths, bags, sheeting & covers for shipping and packaging